Sunday, 9 October 2016

Anukaran 2.0, RealPolitik and upcoming events!

Judgement day is nigh. Take heed all who admirably masqueraded as a personality of their desire. Come what may, your dramatics ensured a torrid time to all those tasked with evaluating your talents.
In colloquial terms however, we simply mean that Anukaran 2.0 results will be announced soon and we thank you for your participation. :P

On a more serious note, since it has been so long since the last update here on our blog, let us bring you up to date on the happenings of our club. We have a new set of recruits and with this fresh energy, we launched Anukaran 2.0! The participants bundled in from all over the country ranging from Amritsar to Trichy, from Mumbai to Shillong. The sheer quality of each speaker who made a pitch ensured countless headaches for us, as we are bound by rules to pick just two speakers. Nevertheless a decision has to be made and we shall communicate the same to all of you as soon as possible!

Our intra college event saw an innovative mix of an MUN and a normal Parliament, a la the House of Commons. The mixture saw a vibrant event called "RealPolitik", where you, as a representative of your state, make a pitch to the Central authorities. We would like to congratulate Charu Gaba and Shagun Pal, who represented Rajasthan and swept the competition to become worthy winners! Manikanta Aka and Vinay Teja secured the second place for their meticulously thought out strategies and well made points. Once again, another thank you to all who participated without whom this event would not have reached the heights that it did!

Wrapping up this post, we'd like to remind you that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Team PROvakta has a lot more exciting events to follow and quite a few are just around the corner so stay tuned and speak happy!

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